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Monday, January 18, 2010

Siapa saya?

Hahhaaa...siapa saya? Saya adalah saya...I'm a happy-go-lucky gal ... we're living in a cynical world, i guess if we take everything too seriously, our lives will be unhappy ... instead of focusing on the bad, I always look on the bright side of life and stay positive and happy ... everybody needs a stage of their own to excel and i believe everyone deserves to have a dream ... who-ever you are reading this, I hope you find your dream too ... hahaha.. i am a big spender.. i can spend really alot.. mostly on clothes n make up. wah!!!.. i see the shopping bags i have also scared.. ahhaa.. hhmm.. what else ar? oh yea.. i love all my frens from all over the world.. love yall.. hugs and kisses.. ......

Who I'd like to meet??.....people with similar interest i guess, music is important part of my life so if u love music, we're universally good buddies (haha) ... i'm a friendly person, i wanna be friend to who-ever that is reading this ... stay in touch and drop me a line ok! I promise to keep in touch ya ... ! .. BTW, if u wanna b frens, pls msg me ok, i prefer sincere ppl who actually read my profile or my BLOG before sending me a 'hi ... where r u from? working? wanna b fren?' kinda message ... stay in touch okie!

ini lah saya... ^_^

ok senyum sikit....qhael ni kacau je la... +_+

gurlz chill out day - 5 Dec 2009
miz u all very much!!!!


marsya haziqah said... [Reply to comment]
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marsya haziqah said... [Reply to comment]

hihihhi best nyer.. cite kalau boleh nak yang lagi best selain nafas berbau nak juga tau tips menghilangkan bau badan ngan jerawat hehehe... semoga rumah merah jambu mendapat smabutan ramai