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Friday, September 24, 2010

♥ My Personality ♥

This is my avatar ^^

Because I'm a girl...
( exactly beautiful women - Nun puji diri sendiri ok..kalo x suke sudah)

 I ♥ Fashion

I ♥ Make Up

 I ♥ Pink

 I ♥ Heels

 I ♥ Shopping
( Spend time with money?? - love it!)

I ♥ Flower
( especially Orked )

I ♥  myself & family

How about you? Lets think and talk (^_^)

* Acctually this is my assignment 1 from myred eyes*



~daknakaltomey~ said... [Reply to comment]

makcik pun poyo gak

nizam omar said... [Reply to comment]

yang ni dah member..jalan2.

nizam omar said... [Reply to comment]

ni datang blog saya nagis2 kenapa? nah ambik gulu2.hehehe